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Pro Pilot EFIS Compatibility

The Pro Pilot has been tested extensively with the following EFIS systems and is fully compatible with them. 

Advanced Flight Systems

Grand Rapids Technologies

Garmin G3X

Garmin G5


AV 30

These systems, when properly configured will allow the pilot to control the autopilot system through the EFIS controls.    The autopilot will then allow the EFIS to command course and heading changes, and it will fly a flight plan that is provided by the EFIS.  Full control of the vertical commands allows altitude hold, climbs and descents, and altitude pre-select.  When the EFIS is getting it's navigation data from approved receivers, it will also fly precision ILS and LNAV approaches.

When the Pro Pilot recognizes that valid ARINC429 signals are present, the blue GPSS and GPSV LEDs will illuminate to indicate that the autopilot has relinquished command to the EFIS system.   

Some EFIS systems (Dynon and others) do not provide ARINC429 data.  Most will still provide a serial data stream with NMEA 0183 navigation information.  In such cases, The Pro Pilot will use this to fly GPS flight plans, but no vertical commands are available.  The GPSS and GPSV LEDs will not illuminate, and the Pro Pilot will assume command of the horizontal and vertical parameters. 

Garmin G3X

The GX Pro autopilot, when connected to a Garmin G3X EFIS, does not require the GPSS/GPSV option.   The G3X uses a proprietary serial data sentence that contains the vertical commands as well as the horizontal.  Full autopilot control is available through the EFIS.  The G3X has it's own dedicated GPS receiver and database, and it provides excellent navigation.  However, to do precision approaches the G3X must obtain guidance from an approved WAAS GPS receiver or ILS system, such as the Garmin 400, 500, 600 or 700 series.

WAAS GPS Precision Approaches

The Pro Pilot and GX Pro (when equipped with GPSS/GPSV ) are fully capable of precision approaches when receiving guidance from approach certified receivers.  RNAV approaches are standard on Garmin 400, 500, 600 and 700 series receivers.  Full horizontal navigation is available at all times, but they do not provide vertical control except when in the "approach" mode, after they have intercepted the descent profile.