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         Mandatory Field Change

Out of a fielded population of over 3,000 Gold Standard servos, we have recently been notified of two instances where the pressed pin in the hub (behind the crank-arm) has worked loose in the hub.  We have not yet been able to determine if this is a manufacturing issue, or a lot number of servos that might be affected.  We are therefore recommending that all servos be fitted with a washer and cotter pin to preclude any possibility that the hub might come off of the shaft if the pin does loosen.  The photo on the left shows the crank arm with a washer and cotter pin installed.

We consider this a mandatory change that must be installed before further flight. 

The washer and cotter pin should be available at any hardware store.  If not, contact us and we will send the components to you.

The washer inside diameter should be 5/16".  The shaft is 8mm in diameter.  The washer OD isn't real critical.  The hole for the cotter pin is 3mm (about 1/8").

If you find that the pressed pin protrudes more than 1/16 inch out of the hub, notify the factory of the servo serial number and return the servo for service.

The photo below shows the pressed pin.