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GX PRO Autopilot

The GX PRO has all of the features of the standard Pro Pilot autopilot with the additional capability of bi-directional communications with the Garmin G3X EFIS system.  The
GX PRO flight dynamics have been optimized to take full advantage of the G3X pitch and roll guidance.

When matched with a Garmin G3X, the GX PRO does not require the Pro Pilot ARINC 429 circuitry normally needed to interface with other EFIS systems.  This results in a significant cost savings, yet adds full horizontal (GPSS) and vertical (GPSV) control via serial commands from the G3X.

Instrument Mount $2,995

Stack Mount $3,095

The GX PRO is designed to follow commands from the Garmin G3X EFIS system.  The G3X provides full EFIS guidance to the autopilot without the usual ARINC 429 drive signals.  The GX PRO accepts proprietary NMEA commands from the G3X to implement full horizontal and vertical guidance. 

When connected to the GX PRO autopilot, the G3X provides commands to control pitch, roll, heading, GPS navigation, vertical speed, and altitude capture.  GPS navigation is accomplished by using the GPS receiver incorporated in the G3X.   The autopilot is controlled by using the pushbuttons and menu on the bottom of the EFIS screen.

When the G3X EFIS system is connected to a Garmin WAAS approach certified receiver (such as a 430W, GNS480 or 530W) the GX PRO is fully capable of following complex flight plans, including procedure turns, holding patterns, and precision vertical approaches into airports. 

The following photo shows an installation in a narrow body tandem airplane (Long-EZ).  The selector switch to the right of the Pro Pilot allows using either the G3X or the 430W as the signal source for the autopilot.  Should either unit fail, the autopilot may be switched to the remaining GPS source. 

Note:  In the example shown above, the GX Pro is also equipped with the GPSS/GPSV option.  Then, should the EFIS fail, the autopilot is still capable of doing a precision approach using the Garmin 430W shown.

Gold Standard Servos

The GX PRO uses Trio's Gold Standard servos.  Unlike stepper motor servos, they do not inflict drag on the control system when not engaged.   No shear pins are employed. Instead, the Gold Standard servos have an adjustable clutch (up to 45 lb/in torque) that may be easily overcome in an emergency.  Each servo weighs just 26 ounces.

*An auto-trim option is available for the pitch servo

G3X is a trademark of Garmin Ltd.