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Comments from Customers

Long-EZ Pilot During most of the flight, the track error was 0.02 to 0.01 nm error, or about 100 feet! Though not (intended) for IFR work, we have runways wider than that! Movement is gentle, turns were within normal turn standards, and it sure spoils you. There is more testing to do, more functions to test, but so far, it is a joy to use. It flies a lot better than I can!
RV-6A Pilot Intercept mode....  I'll just say it works just as advertised and is extremely accurate. Even if the direction you need to go is behind you, it makes a real nice teardrop course reversal and nails the course line. Obviously this thing is smart and doing some pretty good math to handle that maneuver.
VariEze Pilot My first flight and subsequent flights with this unit were sheer joy. I now have about 8 hours of flying time on the EZ Pilot and none of it has been on anything more than 50 miles out and back. But nearly every minute of those 8 hours has been in light and mostly moderate turbulence. I can report that the EZ Pilot flies turbulence much better than I can and does not overstress the flight controls. It holds a course within 200 feet of the center line in the worst conditions and is usually within .02 to .05 left or right of center most of the time.
Defiant Pilot I was able to enter a route, fly the route, divert off the route with Pilot controlled steering (or whatever you call it) and then intercept the original course. It nailed the course. I didn't yet follow the book, didn't calibrate didn't do anything. It was as close to dead nuts as you can get.
    Here's another benefit, yesterday I launched from (my airport), was about 30 miles out, and saw a huge wasp crawling up my pant leg! I swatted at him with a chart, and half-missed. Unfortunately I had batted him underneath my crotch in the seat. You can imagine the panic that followed. Wasn't even aware that I had totally unplugged my headset in the confusion, the controller was looking for me for a while... I thought about it later, had I not had the autopilot turned on, who knows how that would have ended up.  The wasp is still in the airplane. Dead.
RV-6 Pilot The feature set of the EZ-Pilot is far beyond what (another autopilot) can offer.  I am amazed at how I can fly 180 degrees away from a waypoint, hit the servo switch on the EZ-Pilot, and watch the thing fly my RV-6 into a perfect teardrop intersection with the direct course to the waypoint.  Having nav info displayed on the control head also brings real utility to flying heading vectors as well. The roll control is via a solid state gyro so there are no little motors spinning in the control head. The yaw response is quicker and more precise than the (other autopilot) which results in a better ride in turbulence.
     Since the system is digital, it offers great flexibility in the way you can program it for your needs. The way the unit intercepts courses and rolls into turns can be customized to your taste and aircraft. We just had another EZ-Pilot installed in one of the RVs at (my airport) and when I checked on the pilot yesterday, he was all grins after returning from a cross country lunch flight. This is a very capable system backed up by a company that appears to be committed to the long haul and I think we are going to see a bunch of EZ-Pilots in RVs in the months to come.
    See more here: http://thervjournal.com/EZ_Pilot.htm
YAK Warbird Pilot I want to let you know how the EZ Pilot worked in my Warbird.  The unit is Rock Solid!  I could not be more pleased.  The VFD display is great.  It is good to have the info from the GPS displayed there.  I love the course reversal, it could be really useful in a VFR only aircraft.  Again, the unit is everything you said it was.  I am very pleased!
VariEze Pilot
The Eze has been coast-to-coast since (I last talked to you) and I thought I would leave you with my general impression ... absolutely love it ... wish you guys had developed it years sooner!  It really does take a lot of workload off the flights, when I desire to dump it (the work load).  Makes wrestling with charts, checking fuel, and other distractions that detract from holding a straight course a non event. Work load in marginal weather or poor visibility is greatly reduced, allowing more time to bird-dog .. or oversee that all is in fact going well and on plan, instead of all the busy work just trying to make it all happen, and improves the eyes out of the cockpit time ... watching for traffic, and taking in the scenery.
RV-4 Pilot In actual practice, my EZ Pilot AP is now working excellent and handles turbulence better than the (other autopilot) does. It's also nice to look at the display and see your course compared to the bearing to the waypoint and the distance in hundredth of a mile you are off the centerline. It is normally flying within 0 to 50 feet of the centerline.
Long-EZ Pilot
It is easy to install and easy to use!  Most important is it WORKS with great accuracy!  Thank you for a superior product!
RV-6A Pilot
I have discovered an unforeseen problem with the EZ autopilot.  I've been flying up and down the state, Sonoma, Placerville, on business and pleasure and here's what I discovered using the unit:
I hardly ever want to fly hands on anymore.  I have plenty of time to look at scenery, read charts and monitor instruments.  I kinda' miss flying with the stick,  but can't bring myself to turn it off. 
Long-EZ Pilot
I am very thrilled with the EZ Pilot.  It is a pleasure to fly with it.  The other day I took a six waypoint cross country.  After safely airborne the EZ Pilot was engaged.  The only control that was touched until (I arrived) over the destination airport was the pitch trim.  It performed exactly as advertised.  Thank You.